Jon Favreau is busy filming The Jungle Book, after the success of Chef this past summer.  Chef is just another example of what Favreau is really good at telling a story and entertaining you from point A to B.

Jon Favreau has been on the Hollywood scene since 1990s with his big break with his role with Swingers in 1996. Favreau has been doing more and more since that moment of his career. One could say Favreau has maximized his potential with the talents he has been gifted. He directed Ironman 1 & 2, Elf, Cowboys and Aliens and Chef; which he did the triple threat with writer, director and lead actor.  This is the reason he is one of the best and he has worked with the best in his career.

When you look at Favreau as a total package there is a plenty to like he has written, directed and acted in many films he has also help produce some great movies including Iron Man 1,2,3, Avengers and the most recent Chef. When you look at the movies that he has been involved in Rudy where he met Vince Vaughn who co-stared with in Swingers. Very Bad Things that is a little bit of cult movie (It is an awesome movie) all of the Ironman movies, The Avengers and the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron. You look at some of those movies and say he must have never missed stepped, not true he was a part of Dare Devil, but there is a rumor story that if that doesn’t happen we don’t get Ironman.  I can’t believe I am saying this but if this is true thank you Dare Devil and it makes Dare Devil a worthwhile film.

The reason I decide to put Jon Favreau in Certified Vintage was because of Chef! Chef is a magical experience and yes I have some friend that think I am crazy for it, but hear me out.  The movie is rated R so it is not exactly kid friendly and yet it is something that a young adult could go see with their parents and everyone can really enjoy.  It is an amazing movie that has great flow, perfect timing and is beautiful look.  This are all reasons that I believe it was the movie of the summer.  It also made it clear to me that Favreau is a great story teller and has a pulse on what people will enjoy.  I also believe this is proof that the man is a sponge soaking up the knowledge he has access to from working with some of Hollywood elite.

Favreau has shown that he has a lot to offer us and I am glad to say he is not at the end of his career; we will still be able to enjoy his vision and acting for years to come. We can expect his abilities as a triple threat to allow us the privilege to enjoy all that he brings to movies. I hope that he will surprise us with another unexpected grand movie like Chef and I greedily want it to fly under the radar just like Chef.  So I can enjoy while the others play catch up! Favreau’s Chef will be on the radar of many more people as the movie gets to Netflix, Cable and TV in general and realize it is a great movie from a great talent!


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