Justice League

Justice League is finally right around the corner and we will finally see how much of Zack Snyder’s movie is still there after Joss Whedon did his reshoots. Justice League will be the first movie after the success of Wonder Woman that we see on the big screen from DC Comics.

Director – Zack Snyder

Justice League is a tough movie to figure out it seems as if we will get one of their most powerful bad guys in the first film of course this could be just a bluff and it could be setting up for the second film. Superman is expected to return after a portion of the movie explores his death the Justice League is formed because of the absence of Superman. With so many things up in the air with what DC and Warner Brothers is doing with the DCEU it will be nice to see if this movie can deliver on expectations.

November 17,2017 – Wide
Action, Adventure, Drama, Comic Book
DC Comics, Warner Bros. Pictures

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