Knob Creek Coco-Vanilla infused Bourbon

With the Kentucky Derby this upcoming weekend it is just enough time to make yourself a Coco-vanilla infused bottle of Knob Creek bourbon. That is what I call exciting times here at Vintage Grind, this combination made a certain cocktail possible.

So first why coco-vanilla bourbon it is a way to enhance flavors of the natural flavors of the bourbon. I know what you are thinking chocolate and vanilla in bourbon and it already has these flavors the answer is yes and different levels of the vanilla and chocolate are brought to life by different bourbons. Knob Creek bourbon has subtly notes of dark chocolate and vanilla in this very complicated bourbon taste. The reason for infusing these flavors instead of using syrups is to not add sweetness to the bourbon and allow a drinker to decide how much sweetness to add to it or a cocktail. With that said this is a marriage meant to be with an explosive expression of flavor taking the back ground and bringing it to the forefront.
So what will you need, a vanilla bean and a cup of coco nibs for one 750ml bottle of Knob Creek bourbon. Once you have them you will need to be a little time about 12 hours for the vanilla to take hold and 2 days for the coco nibs to fully infuse into the bourbon. Once you have it the simplest thing to do is make an Old Fashion, then again is Derby week so the better idea is a Julep and for that I have a recipe.

The First Day in May

2 oz. (60ml) Knob Creek coco-vanilla infused bourbon
1 oz. (30ml) Demerara syrup
8 Mint leaves
5 Espresso beans
Crushed ice
Mint sprig for a garnish


In a mixing glass take the mint leafs and slap (to release the oils) and tear them dropping them into the mixing glass add the 5 espresso beans then then Demerara syrup and then muddle until the beans are good and broken. Pour the Knob Creek coco-vanilla infused bourbon then fill the mixing glass with ice and stir until the ice drink is nice and cold about 30 seconds depending on the ice. Double strain over crushed ice into a julep cup if you have one or a double old fashion glass and garnish it with a mint sprig.

Knob Creek coco-vanilla infused bourbon

1 750ml Knob Creek bourbon
1 cup Coco nibs
1 Vanilla bean


In a Mason jar or other container, take the cup of coco nibs and one vanilla bean and add it to the container. Then add the Knob Creek bourbon to the Mason jar or container let the mixture sit for 12 hours than remove the vanilla bean. After two days fine strain out the coco nibs and enjoy your new creation.

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