Knob Creek Rye Sazerac


Is it Fat Tuesday yet? Because I want my Sazerac a local New Orleans cocktail; that is a variation of an Old Fashion. The original is said to have been made with cognac the Sazerac de Forge et Fils. At a bar called the Sazerac House fitting enough. That is where the cocktail was born. It is thought that a lack of availability of cognac due to drought is when the drink got its more modern style of using rye whiskey instead of cognac.

So why the new interest in this classic cocktail? I think it maybe the absinthe in the drink, yes you heard right. With absinthe back in the states you have seen the rise of this classic drink and I am all for it. It is a great sipping cocktail or you may take it as a shot(happy Fat Tuesday) with the wash of the absinthe and the peychaud bitters the flavor is one of a kind. Don’t forget the rye whiskey may I recommend Knob Creek to complete that ingredient. For me it is a simple fit for Fat Tuesday and it is the official drink of New Orleans. It simply equals a great night out so make one at home or order it at your favorite bar and toast the Sazerac for Fat Tuesday.

2oz. of Knob Creek Rye
1 sugar cube
Peychaud bitters
Splash of absinthe


First chill an Old Fashioned glass, then take the sugar cube and splash the peychaud bitters until it is saturated. after that muddle and then add ice and the Knob Creek rye; you will want to stir the mixture. Empty out the ice in the old fashioned glass and wash it with the absinthe; then strain the Knob Creek rye mixture into the glass.

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