Knob Creek Single Barrel

If you are a fan of Knob Creek the only question is… how you do not have a bottle of Single Barrel readily available?

Knob Creek’s Single Barrel may be a crowning achievement, a pure bourbon drinkers dream. This is a well-balanced bourbon with a smooth finish long finish that screams for double old fashion glass with a large ice spherical. The nose is pleasant with a smoky caramel as you take the time to enjoy before taking your first sip. I won’t lie the first sip you will give you the oak flavor right of the bat. If you add a touch of water or let the ice open up the flavor a little, vanilla jumps out. As the Knob Creek Single Barrel expands it will also open up to a nut flavor almost a pecan sweetness. The finish is exactly what you would want from a sipping bourbon and make no mistake we are talking about a great sipping bourbon. The finish is long smooth and full the perfect end to long day.

I bet some of you are thinking is this just a sipping bourbon? No, it is adaptable to cocktails and shines in the classic bourbon whiskey cocktails. People sometimes forget that most classic cocktails are more spirit driven than their more modern counterparts. If you want to make an Old Fashion in its purest form you will adore using Knob Creek Single Barrel. Holding to the standards of a Manhattan you will find yourself enjoying the day away. Maybe it is the middle of a hot afternoon, not an issue bruise up a little mint and enjoy a julep. Classic bourbon whiskey cocktails is where you find Knob Creek Single Barrel perfect hitting on all notes.

As far as more modern cocktails Knob Creek Single Barrel will get the job done just fine. It won’t matter what you wish to do with it, it has the all the flavors and the smoothness you need to make new and creative cocktails. It is however so enjoyable on its own that you may find it very hard to stray away from ice, bourbon and glass.

The final statement is that this is truly a great spirit not just a bourbon. It is a stand out especially when you factor in price and availability besides that it gets high marks on quality, taste, smoothness the list continues… the final score of Knob Creek Single Barrel is a 5 out of 5

5 out of 5
93 points out of 100

Big Brunch Cocktail

1 ½ oz. Knob Creek Single Barrel
½ oz. Blood Orange Liquor
4 oz. Fresh squeezed O.J.
Mint leaves to taste
Garnish with a mint sprig and orange slice


Pick mint leaves off steam and place them into the bottom of a tin. Then pour the Knob Creek Single Barrel, Blood Orange liquor and O.J.. Add Ice and shake hard with a Boston glass, double strain over ice in a double highball. Garnish with a mint sprig and orange slice.


2½ oz. Knob Creek Single Barrel
½ Dolan sweet vermouth
5 dashes of angostura bitters
Garnish with a cherry


Pour Knob Creek Single Barrel Dolan sweet vermouth and bitters. Add ice to the top and stir until the ice breaks and you get dilution. Then strain in a cocktail glass or over ice your choice garnish with a cherry.

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