Kung Fu Girl

Kung Fu Girl Riesling was an accidental find for me; out drinking one night a close friend and I decide to grab a second bottle of wine at a different restaurant (Ping Pong) outside. This lovely autumn night was in the 70s and begged for a white wine. The price more than fair the experience… one of surprise.

Charles Smith is the producer of this funky little wine out of Washington State you almost immediately see Scandinavian influences on this Riesling as it is a dry Riesling. That makes it very approachable to drink (yes if you like sweet wine this is not necessary for you) the aroma will bring you right in with lime zest and a bitter lemon on the nose you will quickly say ok I like this. Then it is the ever important first sip it is a vibrant one with tart apple, peach and lime and little floral on the finish with a clean and crisp with a minerality to it. It is a clean dry finish making this wine drinkable, all by its self Kung Fu Girl will easily pair. Looking to pair it with food fish and shellfish alike chicken curry will also make a great meal pairing with it. I know it is a cold winter month for the northern hemisphere but make a bouillabaisse and this wine will have you wanting more much more. At the end of the day this is a brilliant wine. Kung Fu Girl is a cocktail wine that can easily lead into a meal with its ability to stay in a simple and not over think it.

Kung Fu Girl is usually priced at the 13 to 15 USD range making it an affordable wine. After that the 2010 vintage scored 90 pts on Wine Spectator with those two things in mind this is a must buy for a wine lover or a white wine drinker. If you stay on the red wine side of the ball this maybe an occasional drink but I don’t think of it as a must try for a red wine only drinker. In the market for a cocktail white wine or a dry Riesling to pass this up would be a mistake plain and simple!

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