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Laura Prepon is one of those beloved actresses that has seemed to have become quiet after That 70’s show. Does that mean she has not been working in Hollywood? Not at all she stay busy and relevant without bombarding us with film after film. This month we do have a chance to fall in love with another onscreen character of her’s in The Kitchen.

Laura was 18 when she started on That 70’s Show that ran from 98 to 06. It must have been a great thrill to basically be on a successful show right out of the gate. Even if she hated wearing clothes from the 70s. The shows run gave her access to doing films and she took advantage by being in 6 features in that time. Right after That 70’s show she was on ABC’s October Road for 2 seasons co-starring with Brian Greenberg. After that she had a mini break from any major roles, but still very active.

During that time she played a demi-villain in How I Met Your Mother. She played Karen was a major part of the series plot as Ted’s girlfriend from College that Lilly disapproved of. Even with her only making 3 appearances they are all memorable moments due to the acting ability of Prepon and the overall love to hate tone of her character.

In 2007 she did do a voice for an animated feature The Chosen One. 2012 is when Prepon really was on the scene playing Chelsea Newman in Are you There, Chelsea. Which only lasted one season on NBC’s lineup . Still it solidified her ability to command a show and once again you could see that natural comedic ability. She also played a small role in Lay the Favorite that was released at the end of the year. She also has a role in the Netflix show Orange is the New Black.

The real winner for Laura Prepon, in 2012 was her choice to be in the Indy Film The Kitchen. It garnered a lot of buzz and anyone that knows the premiss will tell you it sounds like a lot of fun. Once again you get to see Laura Prepon make you laugh feel for her and of course root for her. Even if it is Jennifer’s(Prepon) birthday, and everything should be peachy. I think her choice in projects whether TV or Film will be the reason that she stay relevant for years to come. With the Kitchen coming to DVD in April it gives everyone a chance to see the movie as it was a limited release.

Laura Prepon, is in the middle of her career and things look bright for the actress. She is a consistent joy to see on any screen. With her love of activities, comedic ability and as someone that holds a special place in a generation heart as Donna she will only be limited by her own imagination and drive. Sure she isn’t all over the place but she will always give you a quality performance in a quality role and that is worth a lot.

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