Lazy Afternoon

How to ruin a good walk is, well by playing golf. How to make that same walk better? With a Lazy Afternoon, you will need 3 things Effen Dutch Raspberry, St. Germain and IZZE Lime sparkling juice.

These ingredients lead the way to a Lazy Afternoon, and well just an enjoyable stroll down the fairway. No this will not improve your drive or make putting easier, but it is Master’s weekend… why would you be playing golf? Instead watch the pros do it while you enjoy the the layered flavors of a lazy Afternoon with a great vodka, Effen Dutch Raspberry. Which really does bring this drink to life with a rich flavor and complementing smoothness that is very appreciated.

1 1/2 oz. Effen Dutch Raspberry

1/2 oz. St. Germain

3 oz IZZE Lime

Garnish raspberries

Build in a double old fashion, fill the glass with ice then add the Effen Dutch Raspberry, the St. Germain add the raspberry garnish with a stir fill of the IZZE Lime to the top.

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