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Mira Cohen is a up and coming singer out of the Washington DC area. People don’t always realize that this is a great area for music. Will Mira be able to carry a torch into the future for the area? Only time will tell, but she has the talent.

VG: With you being new to the music world. What are first impressions you are looking to make in the music world?
Mira: I want to be heard- I want to be seen as I truly am- a communicator. I want to show the industry that the passion for real [soul] music is not dead in my generation.

VG: In the day to day grind of the music industry, one needs a lot of support and motivation. Is there someone whom as giving you the push and care to keep you focused on your goals?
Mira: I’ve got a huge “thank you” list, but to summarize: My boyfriend (also a musician), my friends, music affiliates, etc. When I began writing music, I would show my work to friends all over the globe- for perspective. My friends and facebook fans have been so supportive. I’m so grateful. I, myself, am my worst enemy, but also my biggest motivator..haha you kind of have to be, if you’re a solo artist.

VG: I know that you love all music. When it comes to you and your music where would you says your style comes from, and who was an influence?
Mira: Soul and Blues. The music I write comes from my heart and soul. I write what I’m feeling/thinking- what I’m usually [sometimes unfortunately] wearing on my sleeve. My music tends to stem from my pain; It’s my outlet. I was influenced by Patsy Cline as a small child, Motown, Blues, Soul, R&B, Jazz, Pop, Rock….Artists such as Janis, Ray Charles, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Irene Cara, The Temptations, Queen, Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse!, Aretha, Jessie J, Lauryn Hill, Pink, and more…in no particular order:)

VG: Being a successful singer is no easy task. You have also taken on the daunting task of learning instruments; which ones are you familiar with? If there was only one you could master what would it be?
Mira: Haha I’d prefer to just sing…but I play the piano to accompany myself and to write my music. I’m learning the guitar (slowly because I’m impatient). I’d love to be able to play guitar and sing at a show, but I’d really like to master the piano- I’ve played since I was a child.

VG: As an entertainer it is important to have a presence on stage. have you begun to do live shows; if so how does it feel to get in front of people?
Mira: I have! I had my first solo show in December; It was called “Mira Blue(s)”. It went very well- I had so much fun, and I had a great turn-out. The idea of performing has always scared me a bit, but once I started singing and interacting with the audience…it felt natural. I can’t wait to perform live again in the future!

VG: Have you been able to mesh in studio with other artist in other genres than your own?
Mira: Yes- I actually originally started out as a session/feature singer when I was 16. I’ve featured on pop, rap, R&B, reggae-rock, and dance music tracks since then. I recently just recorded on rapper, Tha Royal Bandit’s solo EP “Relax and Strive”- to be released this spring (RoyaltySpoiledMe.com). Working with different artists in other genres in important for experience and perspective. I love collaborating.

VG: For you growing up, was an aspect of music always around? Did you go out to get more musical lessons for the progression of your craft? Was there someone you could turn to?
Mira: The aspect of music was always around in some form while I was growing up. Classical piano and metal guitar riffs are some of my earliest sound memories. My father is passionate about classical music, my sister was a classical pianist, and my brother was and is a proficient guitar player (Check out Midnight Eye on fb!), and my mother is a music lover- she introduced me to musical theater and Patsy Cline. I attended musical theater camp as a child, and I took voice lessons from Deborah Benner in NW, DC for 2 years- She taught me so much about the basics of singing and expression. As I said earlier, my friends have always been there for me as well. When I truly need(ed) support though, I [would] take out my notebook and pen, and write.

VG: The first time you got to be in a recording studio, how did you feel and was it everything you thought it would be?
Mira: I was 15 recording my first cover demo. I was petrified, but also extremely intrigued. After the first track was completed, I fell in love with the booth- it’s my comfort zone. Being in a recording studio was pretty much the way I had imagined it…except better.

VG: If you had the chance to have dinner with any musician who would it be?
Mira: Amy Winehouse. Wish I got to have a chat with her. RIP

VG: I got to ask, who is playing in Mira’s Ipod(Iphone) right now?
Mira: My travel playlist consists of Billie Holiday, Queen, Pink, Tha Royal Bandit, Bayside, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Lupe Fiasco, Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, and Adele…at the moment 😉

VG: Is there anyone you have seen perform live that left you speechless?
Mira: Lady Gaga. Her presence and voice were inspiring. That woman can not only sing and dance, she can COMMAND a crowd- there was no bullshit. I’d also like to note that Bone Thugs N Harmony were great live as well; great acapella harmonies.

VG:Miracat is a little nickname of yours I noticed and I know you have a love for cats, so how do you feel about the trend of cats doing cute things winding down?
Mira: You are correct! Mircat is a nickname of mine. Cats are very…yes. Frankly, I am rather thrilled that the cat photo trend is winding down (it really hasn’t though)..Regardless, I will continue to peacefully post cat photos when necessary.

VG: Finally can we expect an album from Mira in the next year, perhaps a show or two?
Mira: Well, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you… The future is going to be very exciting, and you can expect a lot from me. I will be performing in DC in the future. I can’t give away any secrets about an album just yet- but you’ll hear from me 😉 Stay tuned!

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