MLB The Show

The Show is out, The Show is out. Yes, that is what you can now here from the MLB fans of the world as the MLB The Show came out on May 6. A little over a month after opening day.

That is about the only bad thing you can say about MLB The Show 14 looks amazing and plays just as well. The graphics are sharper then they have ever been looking at all the parks and players is just perfect. The mechanics of the game are also improved and the simple play is just that simple.  I hate to say this about a game… but at times you feel like making decisions in a real baseball game. The commentary is spot on and breaks, replays and comparisons to the player also work seamlessly added and not distracting from gameplay.

Next is some of the future option of the franchise in the franchise mode. Well now you can continue your franchise mode on future games um that is awesome. It does lead to a question of upgrades to get longer play than a year out of MLB The Show 14? Regardless of a crazy idea such as that it is a great idea to continue your franchise play till god knows when.

The Show also has speed up the play to make the game quicker and more manageable to play. Which does make the game easier to stomach for those that do not want to play 162 games. The home run derby is still there and an option for a franchise fantasy league making the game well worth the 60 dollar investment! Overall MLB The Show is fun, entertaining and exciting it is a must own for both baseball lovers and video game lovers.

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