NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are a much awaited event for all fans of basketball. With the King returning to the only court (The Finals) that counts with his home city awaiting to witness their rise to greatness. Then there is the MVP and the Warriors that have finally come out to play! The Finals will be the legacy of one of these two teams as the other will be lost in time.

This series should be over in 5 games when the Warriors come home to a win it 4-1, I know how? Well the loudest arena in the NBA should be off the chain for game 1. This is the Warrior’s first shot at a title since 1975 when they built the Washington Bullets Ironically enough both teams are relevant again. It is all about the Curry meals for this Finals if the ESPN cafeteria has to serve green chicken curry on Friday it could mean that Steph had a monster game and the Warriors won was significant. That is the recipe that spells doom for Cleveland.

The outside game of the Warriors is something to fear they have destroyed their competition in a way that makes you wonder if anything could stop them. This is where I think the injury to Love (Kevin) is going to Hurt the Cleveland Cavilers; he may have been the x-factor. With him out the Warriors could have an off night form their shoot the lights out offense and still be OK. The splash brothers could shoot the Cavs out of the Finals. The idea of LeBron deafening Steph Curry seems like a mistake and also might be necessary at times in the series.

With the fans, shooting and team defense that the Warriors have used all playoffs and season long it is hard to think of them losing. The Warriors would be the darlings of the NBA if they win and it is why I think they’re the front-runner and why most people want them to win. The skillset that they have shown on the court in 82 games and throughout the playoff are the reason why anyone can find reasons that they should win. In my eyes if they take it to the Cavs in game 1 & 2 by win the games in double digits the fact that LeBron won’t give up but the results could only be 1 win in the series.

The Cavs could also win. I know, why the devil’s advocate play? Because there is a second side to this coin. The Cavs have an offense enigma and his name is JR Smith and this man never saw a shot he could not make. The question is can he and Kyrie Irvin play lights out defense and still give their potential offensive production the Cavs could spell trouble for the Warriors.

Then there is the King and yes no one can stop LeBron. With that said, no one man can beat a team especially when the team is as deep as the Warriors. The Warriors have a player in Iguodala (Andre) who can score when he needs to; but he knows his job is to contain LeBron James. With that said it will be a full time job and contained is letting him get 28 points 6 or 7 assists and 1 or 2 offensive rebounds. That would be a stellar game for most players for LeBron it is just a quiet game. How do the Cavs win it is in this man’s hands. We will need a game of a ridiculous amount of assists. He has dished out 16 of them on February 26, 2013 in an OT game while he played for the Heat against the Kings. He will also need to fill the rebound void of Kevin Love. LeBron has never had a 20 rebound game the career best is a 19 rebound game back in 2008 OT win against the Bobcats. James would need to put together a 20 rebound game and a 15+ assist game (not in the same game) to show the world that he is truly the best player ever. James also needs to play in that way to get the Cavs a title.

If the Cavs are to win this series I see it happening in 7 games after stealing one of the first 2 games and then holding down their home court by going 2-1 with a final showdown in the loudest place in the NBA. This would be a game that would cement the legacy of LeBron James and also it would be the final piece of a healing process for both the city of Cleveland and James.

The bottom line is this either team could win I think that with the questionable health of Irvin and the loss of Love might be too much for the Cavs to overcome. They still have LeBron James and that means there is a chance that they walk away with the title. On the other hand my money and heart is with Steph Curry shooting the lights out and bringing back a title to Northern California. I would like to see it done quick and violently (By that I mean with double digit wins) and watch the Cavs wither under the pressure. The longer the series goes the more I advantage goes to the Cavs there is one X-Factor for the Warriors is the coach Steve Kerr brings a championship mentality to his team and it should result in victory hopefully in 5 games as I see it happening.

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