Nike Air Jordan Wings

Tomorrow at 10 am EDT, Nike will allow you the privilege to attempt and purchase the Nike Air Jordan 1 Wings. This shoe will most likely be the most sought after shoe by the end of the summer and if anyone sleeps on their one chance to pay retail; you might be kicking yourself!

At some point and time these shoes will be referred to as the Wings and every shoe snob will know what you are talking about. The Air Jordan 1 Wings might be the best-looking shoe I have seen in long time, this black based color with a gold added to it gives it an authentic vintage look that can go with anything. It is the little touches that will take it over the top with all sneaker-headz. What are those details the first is the clear base that reads wings underneath this touch is not little but is a strong figure when you see those bold letters on a pair of Jordan’s. The pattern underneath the wings word on the sole is also the patterned on the inside of the shoe a nice touch. Next is the gold-plated Jordan on the back of the shoe doing the wing span with a basketball in one hand an ionic image of Jordan. The tongue of the also has the image of the logo wings Jordan just as the gold plate on the back of the shoe. Finally, there are only 19,400 of these shoes to be owned, and each one will have will tell you there number so you know it is truly a limited edition. The other wonderful part of the shoe is the fact under that number it reads everyone can fly.

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