Power Rangers

For the last few years I have been well aware of the fact the Power Rangers movie was coming. Until I saw this trailer my care level for this movie was quite low after seeing this trailer… I have to say that I am excited to see this film as soon as it comes out.

Director – Dean Israelite

The intro of the Power Rangers in this trailer gives them a life that in the show was not there, it also looks and feels grittier and grounded. This could be a movie that brings both the fans of the TV show and outsiders to the table to enjoy Power Rangers and even if so of the fans of the show may feel left out. Look no further than the explosion of Marvels film that take elements of the original comics but do not go line for line or even idea to idea in making their films. This makes them highly successful, I hope for the same time of success for the Power Rangers for the simple fact that I enjoy good film.

March 24, 2017 – Wide
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Lionsgate Film

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