It is on like Donkey Kong! Did you hear right.. PS4 for Christmas! The rumors have been out there for a bit and everyone said no way! Well now the kickoff is set and they have a headliner for launch Kill Zone 4 Shadow Fall.

Now there was a lot that Sony showed off last night and it is hard to jump right into the software when something else grabs your immediate attention. What is It? Let’s talk nuts, first! How about the ability to streaming a video of your game to your friend in London. That told you the damn thing you’re looking for is over there and on your left. You reply to them I don’t see it? They say fine give me control of the game! Yes, that’s right they can take control of your game do it for you and then let you play again! Even if they’re in London and you’re in NYC, LA, Tokyo or Fiji; If you got the internet you got help… insane.This option of sharing is to give the PS4 more of a social feel and with both Ustream and Facebook being involved in the next evolution; on Playstation online experience.

David Perry CEO of Gaikai, was the one showing of the streaming abilities of the PS4. Sony will use Gaikai to bring instant demos to the PS4 and I can only imagine that Gaikai is helping with the instant stream and shared gameplay experience. The PS4 also promises that you can update and download in the background. I think that doing things in the background and the social aspect is why Sony took the next step of saying your tablet and smartphone will be involved. With the second screen option that they showed. This goes back to streaming your live video game playing and chatting with friends. They are also promising apps for tablets and the PS Vita for when you are not sitting in front of your PS4 and want to take in the social gaming experience.

Sony did put to rest the fear that second hand games would not be playable on the PS4. Thank you for that the rumors that you could only play a game on the original console and never again! With the knowledge that we can that rumor can die in Sony’s corner. Next up Microsoft and weather the same will be true of their upcoming Xbox?

Sony also informed us that the entire line of playstation games would be available via cloud. O that God of War game you just pre-ordered not so much. The PS3 games will not be compatible, giving rise to the question will we need to re-buy PS3 games?

The PS4 controller also got an update with a share button, allowing the insanity to begin. This will help assist in the sharing of gameplay with an instant stream. It also has a touch pad on the center of the controller above the analog sticks. Besides that everything seems to be the same it was hard to see if it got any bigger than previous controllers.

Now a little Software talk third party support, there will be a lot of it. The PS4 will have Destiny from Bungie, this is the first time Bungie has worked with Sony. Driver Club a racing game showed a trailer. Watch Dogs, Infamous: Second Son were also announced and Final Fantasy announced that they will make an announcement at E3.

Finally Kill Zone which has 7+ mins of game footage shown and looks like it will continue the franchise with a brilliant new storyline. They are playing off of the old Berlin wall to add some depth to the story. This is not any wall we have thought about building the massive size give amazement. Enough of the chit chat take a look for yourself!

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