It starts in a boxing gym with people booing and yelling come on get him with a scene that screams amateur boxing. On the other hand this is from the end of an era, where plot was important. When the drama of the movie could not be enhanced a time when the acting was more important than the look.

The character Rocky Balboa in essence embodies the Grind side of our magazine even with win; he immediately suffers a loss. As the promoter explains the money he gets from the winnings, he continues home to drink a sip of beer from the fridge feed his pets and fight of swelling with a hand full of ice. This resonates grind, it screams to everyone who wakes up works hard and somehow goes to sleep with less than when they woke.

To keep a roof over his head Rocky, collects for a local mob boss; Rocky is a little more forgiving than his boss. Rcoky goes to the gym to find out his locker was taken; talking to the gym owner Rocky is told he’s got a lot of heart, but not enough of what it takes . Rocky walks the line between depression and fighting for his dream. When the World Champion Apollo Creed needs a fighter to face him he comes up with a gimmick and that is where the legend of Rocky begins.

The movie itself is Vintage, take a moment and think about it. This movie has stood the test of time, you could remake this film in the same city change Rocky from a boxer to a MMA fighter and it would steal the heart of a new generation. While everyone else would say it is no Rocky where’s the boxing. The idea here is the story the same one that reflected the man that played Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) were on in the same. Stallone also was fighting, grinding, waking up early and going to bed late trying to make it. His answer was Rocky the movie he penned himself and as the legend goes he could have sold the script, but he held out till the role was also his. The sacrifice he made lead the way for his success, the stood tall when the world said no and turned it into a yes.

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