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It is simply amazing that someone took the time to craft and distill Root, but that is exactly what Steven Grasse did with Art in the Age. Root is one of the four spirits that he has formulated for Art in the Age. With summer in full swing can you say Art in the Age, Rootini?

As the story goes in the 1700s the indians of Pennsylvania handed down to settlers a root tea recipe. Over the years it became more potent and complex, changing from for a herbal remedy to more of a libation. Then at the close of the 19th century a pharmacist ruined the fun by removing the alcohol and creating “Root Beer” of course the 5 year old in me is saying root beer is awesome. Meanwhile the 21 year old is thanking Mr. Grasse for bringing this spirit back!

Root itself is a remarkable feat look at the ingredients: cardamom, star anise, cloves, all spice berries, orange, lemon, smoked black tea, nutmeg, cinnamon, sugarcane, birch bark, wintergreen and spearmint. The design and execution is also a fine art, the sugarcane gives it that slight sweetness the herbs and citrus play together in a familiar flavor. Notes of the smoked black tea and birch bark are evident. All coming together in a melody of flavors you will be happy to enjoy.

If you take the time to see what Art in the Age Root can do you will be really impressed there is a lot of possibilities with this spirit. You can just pour it over ice or spend a whole afternoon figuring out a new to you cocktail. There are also plenty of recipes that are more than enjoyable on the not to mention the full story on Root. This is a spirit that bartenders around the country are happy to work with and that really tells you all you need to know.

This spirit is a year event,I know spring is here and summer is right around the corner I am telling you this is still relevant think frozen drinks and sangrias. When fall hits it won’t fade in its ability it will simply become at you from a different direction I could see it in muddle wine, with cider. Winter it will also be right there eggnog is not out of the question and well some style of toddy.

Overall Root is something to be excited about and enjoy. With all organic ingredients and made with love and care and a style that screams try me! Art of the Age has a place on the landscape of bars, lounges and in your home. Most importantly Root has a place in your glass on the rocks, straight or with a multitude of ingredients. I so far have failed at creating a root beer soda style adult beverage with it maybe @JessthePetrone could help? #Research


1 ¾ oz. Art in the Age Root
3/4 oz. Corsair Artisan Vanilla Bean Vodka
Garnish sugar rim

Directions: Add Ice to a pint glass then pour in the Art in the Age into the glass followed by the Corsair Artisan Vanilla Bean Vodka shake hard and strain into a sugar rimmed up cocktail glass(martini glass) the sugar rim is the garnish.


1 ½ oz. Art in the Age Root
2 quartered strawberries
1 teaspoon of granulated sugar
4 oz. champagne
Garnish with a strawberry

Directions: Take the quartered strawberries, teaspoon of granulated sugar and muddle them together in a pint glass. Add ice and Art in the Age Root to the mixture and stir together with a bar spoon. Strain the mixture into a flute and fill with champagne garnish with a strawberry at the top of the flute.

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