Root {tea} Toddy

This morning when I saw the snow and I could not help but remember getting a bottle of Art in the Age {ginger} SNAP the day of the Snow Quester. This lead to the beginning of a beautiful relationship that Vintage Grind has with Art of the Age over the first two years of Vintage Grind.

Now it is snowing again and I still have a little Art of the Age Root. Only enough for a chance drink and being careful with my ideas. One did happen to work well as a hot drink this wintery day. As I thought about ingredients in my mind I began to from a Hot Toddy style cocktail I did just have a Tuaca Toddy that might explain this mind state. With that thought I took the time to carefully play mad scientist with the limited Root I had at my disposal. I grabbed a lemon, honey syrup and tea a pot of hot water.  I really wanted to add something to it, but after bastardising my cocktail I realize it was fine with just the 3 ingredients. I guess I will need more Root to enjoy this cocktail all winter long!

Root {tea} Toddy

2 oz. Art in the Age Root
1 oz. Honey syrup
½ Fresh lemon juice
4 oz. Hot Water
Garnish with a lemon peel


Heat up a coffee mug or hot cocktail glass with hot water. Once it is hot add the Art of the Age Root, honey syrup, lemon juice and hot water give it a slow stir with a bar spoon to blend the ingredients. Finish with the lemon peel after spritzing releasing the oils into the drink with the lemon drop the peel into the drink and enjoy.

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