Round 2

I never thought I would be asking this but is Curry friends with Brady? I know you are wondering what I am talking about, so I might as well let you in on it. I will tell you this if you play fantasy basketball you will figure out this season you want all the Curry.

It is as if winning a NBA title and a MVP award has Steph Curry pissed off. Not because he thinks he could have done better but the fact that other people have noticed that the Warriors were healthy and other teams had injuries. You may have heard something about Curry saying something about being sorry about playing the teams in front of them. This is the part that makes me wonder did him and Brady have dinner before the season started. You know Brady might have said something like when people make excuses for my good play… I play harder than I did before.
Curry has shown up in the 1st week of the NBA season as if he wants a pound of flesh from people that have said well if… I will show you. He put up 40 in his first game then had a modest 25 only because he then put up 53. He would seem to be on a mission to prove he was deserving of a MVP award and show everyone that no matter the situation that the Warriors would have won the NBA title.

When you think about it this is behavior that one would expected from another MVP that hates being slighted and that is Tom Brady. Curry could break a record tonight against the Grizzles if he scores 46 points. I know that sounds a little ridiculous to say you can predict a 46 point performance. That isn’t even the point the point is that it is in range especially when he only played 27 minutes against the Rockets after the game got out of hand. If he plays 35 to 40 minutes he could when looking at his stat line break the record. Why is this important because due to a few quotes that sound like Curry feels slighted even if he is reigning MVP and NBA champion these numbers say we could be in for a season that will have people wondering if Curry is prime to break some NBA season long records.

This is the attitude that seems to be lacking in the apparent heirs in the post Kobe era of the NBA. Yet here it is in an unassuming candidate with Curry showing the charm and humanity that we all eat up, having the abilities to push himself and finally having the an issue when someone points out any flaw it is enough for him to take issue with it. This is I the line of MJ, Kobe, and Mr. Brady and what do all of those men have In common? Multiple championships and this is what I believe is on the mind of Mr. Curry. He will put down the critics and the excuse makers about the last title that the Golden State Warriors by simply win 1 more, 2 more, or maybe many more.

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