Sam Adams Blueberry Hill

Man law states: Don’t Fruit the Beer. Well man law also states high-fives are uncool (bogus!). So like any law, it was made to be broken. You see the law applies to those individuals who insist on drinking Corona or Blue Moon; mass produced brews served with a lime or orange slice. Samuel Adams Blueberry Hill Lager is anything but fruit beer.

It’s complex flavor and refreshing taste will make you forget about these silly man laws and start thinking that good beer is good beer. Let’s learn a little about the source before we talk about the beer. The Boston Beer Company, better known as Samuel Adams was founded in 1984 by a gentleman named Jim Koch and a few colleagues. Like most breweries they started off with a rock solid beer, their Boston Lager, and grew quickly from there. They are now tied with Yuengling as the largest American-owned beer company in the Unites States. What I find interesting about this isn’t that they are pretty much the largest, it is the fact they make really damn good beer. Their Boston Lager is brewed year long as well as their normal seasonal offerings; Alpine Spring, Summer Ale, Octoberfest, and Winter Lager.

Sam Adams embraces craft brew and the art of making beer in many ways. Each year they have the Longshot American Homebrew Contest where they invite home brewers to submit their beers. Three lucky winners are selected and their beer is brewed in bulk by the brewery and nationally distributed in a 12-pack known as the Longshot Mix. Additionally they brew Limited Release beers that can be tough to get your hands on. Luckily for me, I was able to score some Blueberry Hill Lager!

This unfiltered lager pours a light fizzy head that has a beautiful blueberry and lemon scent. The taste of blueberry is definitely prominent, but almost highlights the unfiltered smooth taste. Drinkers of unfiltered lagers or wheat beer will really enjoy this beer, but personally I feel this brew bridges several gaps. Those with a sophisticated pallet will pick up on the mild, pleasant aroma of the Tettnanger noble hops. Everyday beer drinkers will enjoy that this beer is simply enjoyable and not a kick in the gut stout,or brutal bitter IPA. Try it with brunch instead of a mimosa or with any strong cheese on a burger!

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