If there is one shoe that Nike knows has a loyal following it is the Air Force 1 and with that in mind Nike’s SF AF-1 (Special Forces Air Force 1) editions always bring a unique twist on a familiar shoe. This November is your chance to decide if you are feeling the stylized Air Force 1 with a boot design.

My mind has already been made up and that is this SF AF-1 is clearly a winner. With the large AF-1 on the side of the boot, thick rope laces around the top portion of the boot, the leather and mesh. This shoe looks like an instant classic. In three different colorways for the men and two of them in woman this model should be a popular one. My favorite is the Total Orange with the very visible AF-1 on the side but the Black/Gum Medium Brown the lettering reflects all the same and the Rattan the letters are slightly visible when not reflecting. The women line will have the options of the Rattan and the Black/Gum Medium Brown. Notably missing is the iconic Nike swoosh and that alone makes the SF AF-1 a must have shoe. This could be the stylish Nike boot of the winter and if it is as functional as it is eye catching we could see this shoe as a favorite of many people this winter.

Available November 2, 2017

Cost 200 USD

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