Snap Apple Crisp

Snap Apple crisp, yes it is fun to say. It is also an incredibly easy cocktail to make… Seriously it is time to take notice to American spirits that are making noise!!

Okay it is fall, yes I am going to use too much apple juice, but only quality apple juice. It makes a hell of a difference hand pressed farmers market apple juice is amazing and allows one to play with and add layers to a cocktail whereas Dole apple juice nice to drink not a great cocktail ingredient. Please take that into consideration when making this cocktail.

Next is {ginger} Snap form Art in the Age a fully organic spirit out of Pennsylvania. This ginger style of spirit is perfect for the next 6 months in cider, tea, and hot coco… this is a fall/winter spirit. With that said it is because of the fact it shines during this period for people not thinking what they could use a {ginger} Snap for! Really you can drink it straight or on the rocks and enjoy it all the same.  Adding this to one of your favorite fall items is just a better idea.

2oz. Art in the Age {ginger} Snap

5oz. Organic/Farmers Market apple juice

2 dashes of Apple Bitters

¼ oz. of lemon juice

Slice of ginger or a slice of apple for garnish


Take a 2oz. shot of the {ginger} Snap pour over ice then add a ¼ oz. of lemon juice, 5oz. organic apple juice finish with a dash of apple bitters in a pint glass grab a tin smack it down and shake hard. Strain over ice in a highball glass or double strain into a cocktail glass to sever up. Garnish with an apple slice or a couple of slices of ginger. Then enjoy!!!

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