Snolo Scion

Snolo is back and ready to give us another heart pounding way down the mountain. This time they are promoting the Scion this is their new high performance sled!

Snolo wants to put the fun back into winter with their version of a lightning quick and fiercely maneuverable Scion Sled. It looks as if this sled will be causing a bit of a stir on the slopes no matter where you are in the world. Snolo brings a sense of adventure to sledding about as close as one can get to luge without being in a luge. With the Scion you won’t just be able to fly down the mountain, you will also have a certain level of control (we all know speed is a finicky mistress) and this will make the ride exciting.

Snolo is currently running an Kickstarter campaign to get the Scion in the hands of more and more people. They are not greed and accept any offer starting as low as $1 and as high as $10,000. As most Kickstarters there are a bunch of cool things that come with your pledge depending on the amount of support. This an easily supportable project just imagine the snow broad before it was one of the most essential items on the mountainside!

Kickstarter link

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