Snolo Stealth-X

Imagine going down the side of the mountain and maneuvering around like you were on a motorcycle. While sitting down flying straight down the mountain on a snow pack kicking up fresh powder.

After six years of testing, creating prototypes and marketing. Snolo gives us the Stealth-X. What is the Stealth-X? It is 18lbs of carbon fiber awesomeness darting around at 40mph reminding the trees there safe for now. Yes wooden sleds are now outdated, but still have there place. For the Stealth-X is no childs toy, this is a grown ups play item.

As you look at the Dark Vader style sled that Snolo has set as an offering to the Alpine gods. At the same time has the masses asking what in the name of… need I say more? Yes, because there is much, much more. First you can slow or stop the Stealth-X much the same as a snowboard with positioning your body. Second it has the sex appeal of a supercar from the lines to the simple fact that it demands attention from all angles. Third it breaks down and you can nicely place it on your back as you walk up the wonderful mountain.

The breathtaking look of the Stealth-X is from the technology deployed between the rugged structure and lightweight carbon fiber. That also gives it that space-age look. I know what your thinking is carbon fiber comfortable? That is satisfied by padded seat and backrest. After the first look at the Stealth-X the expectations are high.

This will not be like the snowboarding revolution were almost over night everyone under 25 had one on the slopes. Just like a supercar that it will remind you of it will be a rare sight for a while with its 3000 USD price tag. Fingers crossed that unlike the supercars the price can become one of affordability and all of us can feel the rush of a Stealth-X at some point in time.

This New Zealand company as giving all of us to look up the mountain in hopes of seeing their revolutionary sled. As the rider passes our hearts filled with envy that someone other than yourself is enjoying the thrill!!

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