Snow Day Happy Hour (@artintheage)

Art in the Age, is a collection of spirits that are versatile due to their unique style. Fully organic, and they stay true to the flavor that spirit promotes. This afternoon I have been snowqustered so I figured to play with a little Snap for happy hour.

With the fact that Art in the Age does not add sugars to their. So when using Snap remember if it isn’t sweet enough for your taste add sugar. For some people this is a huge plus, and a step in the right direction. Because of this you are able to play with flavors and tweet recipes to taste it is more like being a chef then a bartender.

Do to the snow outside I thought of doing something one drink with hot chocolate. It turned out a little bit manly but delicate at the same time. You definitely will know that there is a alcohol in you hot chocolate at the same time it is amazingly tasty.

Another simple and good idea is is to use Snap to enhance ginger ale.  It is a good idea for someone that would like to add something to a whiskey and ginger ale. In this happy hour I used the Knob Creek rye whiskey with the snap and ginger ale.

Snap Hot Chocolate

  • 1½ oz. Art in the Age Snap
  • 5oz. Hot Chocolate
  • Garnish with whip cream

Directions Make hot chocolate to your own preference, pour half of a cup then add the Snap and top with the rest of the hot chocolate.

Snap & Rye

  • 1oz. Art in the Age Snap
  • 1oz. Knob Creek rye whiskey
  • 6oz. of ginger ale

Directions Grab a highball glass, fill it with ice then add Snap, the Knob Creek rye and finish with ginger ale.

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