SOM 93 ’til

Souls of Mischief hit the nationwide scene in 1993 with 93 ’til Infinity. Back in the age of being dope meant a record deal and carrying your own brand of hip hop across the US and around the world.

On September 27, 1993 the album 93 ’til Infinity was released on Jive and you would be hard pressed to find anyone in the Hip-Hop scene that would say it wasn’t one of the album that defined the 90’s era of Hip-Hop that is looked at being the golden age.

From the second you pressed play you could feel that Cali feel that was more than in demand, but then again it was a complete Cali vibe. Jazzy funk feel that was mostly considered to be an Oakland east bay style. The sound that can be found on “What a Way to Go Out” complete it had the right sample the fresh funk jazz feel and it was still strictly Hip-Hop. Then again Souls of Mischief also had the party pimpin’ style that was rampant all over the Cali; then you hear a song “Anything Can Happen” you could close your eyes and imagine D.P.G. and Dre rocking this song out in L.A..

Souls of Mischief 93 was so diverse that it is hard to see anything that could have stopped the group from doing whatever they wanted. The theme song for the album “93 ’til Infinity” could have been from anywhere in the whole landscape of Hip-Hop and was accept as so. It maybe 20 years later but you can still find love for such a classic album and song. When you think of other artist that have sampled the song 93 ’til Infinity to the fact that you can buy t-shirts to this day for the album and get a certain reaction from people in the know. Souls of Mischief nailed this album, it was a clear runaway classic the second it started up. Even if the group never did see the commercial success again with other projects 20 years later they are a viable part of the Hip-Hop community. Take time out to thank a group like Souls of Mischief for being more than a group, but a bonding agent for Hip-Hop even with a storm of change that was on the horizon. It is 13 ’til and we all still chill and live life depicted in this 93 ’til Infinity song.

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