South Park

South Park: The Stick of Truth may not sound appealing to those that remember the history of bad South Park games, but this game is different. From the moment the game loads and the South Park Studios logo appears, you can see the hand of Matt and Trey in every facet of the game.

The Stick of Truth is a turn-based, role-playing game. You play the role of the new kid in town with a generous character creation menu and choice of class (Thief, Mage, Jew, and Fighter). You can change your look throughout the game as you desire with the discovery of new facial hair and other aesthetic options. Your parents give you your first quest, “make friends”. Making friends is the way you gain gameplay Perks. Perks are passive ways of improving your character in combat (adding defense and attack bonuses etc.). Like any RPG there is a main quest line and side quests. But the flow of the game is like playing through an episode of the show. You become a South Park character. Exploration is rewarded with loot and run-ins with characters any South Park fan will recognize. You can visit Tom’s Rhinoplasty and listen to a random song from Chef or Cartman on the radio or even get “The Hoff” if you desire. You truly are immersed in the South Park world. Everything from loot to the music is a reference to something that existed in an episode. This is a must-buy for South Park Fans.

The combat is simple but very well done. Each turn grants you a chance to perform an action and an attack or use an ability. You can heal or buff yourself then attack your current enemy with an ability, ranged weapon, or main weapon. As you grow in level you will gain new abilities to defeat angry homeless people begging for spare change. There are many ways to customize your effectiveness in combat through weapon and armor modifications as well. Often you will have a friend fight alongside you, like Jimmy or Butters, that you will control in combat. However you will not be in control of their gear, weapons, or ability progression. Your friends will level up with you on their own.

The small mountain town is filled with content. Quest lines will lead to aliens and “Finding Jesus” (in the church). Entering a random house could lead to a new friend or an embarrassed homeowner. Going around a corner could get you surprised by an elven ambush or kindergartners playing pirate. The characters stay true to their personalities in the show and fill the stage with an experience that fulfills the wishes of this fan. The humorous adventures that lie ahead of any fan of the series will last for hours in The Stick of Truth.

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