Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man Homecoming is out and if you have free time this weekend, there is a movie theater with popcorn and a soda waiting for you. For the entire time you are watching Spider-Man Homecoming you will be enjoying your time.

Going into this movie my biggest question was is this going to be a Spider-Man/Ironman movie? I am happy to say Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downy Jr.) is used in the right way and for that matter so is Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) as Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is the star of the movie. The second thing that grabbed my attention was the idea of it being a John Hughes style of movie for the MCU and Sony, they nailed it.

The movie starts off and you see immediately that you are in for a good time. The best part is the beginning as it will set the tone. You will be in the mind and seeing things via Peter Parker/Spider-Man and it is quite the journey. The movie basically shows us that what happened between Parker talking to Tony Stark in Civil War and ends at the battle at the airport. Then the story shows us what Parker’s life is like when he is at home in Queens. I am not telling you anything that is not in the trailers but you see him at school, with his friends and running around as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The best part about the movie is the comedic chemistry; the cast is incredible. At all times, the mixture of comedy and drama is also great in helping with the development of cast.

There is a something that was a little unexpected going into the movie. With no Uncle Ben, Peter finds fatherly advice in unusual ways and from multiple areas of his life. That even includes Vulture (Michael Keaton) which took time to see and Vulture is unaware that his taunts at times are reinforcing advice from another person in Parker’s life. The movie truly is a reflection of Parker’s own actions and a growth as a young man.

The other thing that is done perfectly is the villain Keaton who plays the Vulture, does an excellent job. The crafting of his character is a prefect building the other villains in the movie is also done tastefully. Giving a wink and a nod to comic book fans these are mostly henchmen of the Vulture. This allows for there to be more enemies for Spidey without the blank canvas villains marvel cooks up and not the over crowding that has clogged Sony films in the past. This is a balance of having a group of villains used in a way that advances the plot and gives us an antagonist used in a way to introduce us to others.

Review Overview

When you take a step back and look at Spider-Man Homecoming, it is the prefect movie for right now. Even with an over 2hrs run time it is such a fun, good paced and funny movie that you really won't mind the 2 hours in your seat. It is a true summer popcorn and soda movie that you can watch turn off your brain and have a good time.

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