Boogie is one of the LA rappers that have been making noise in the hip hop community and with Sunroof he might be ready to take center stage and be another star out of the city of Compton.


Black Mamba

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20 years ago no one knew that Kobe would be the Mamba, that he would score 81 points, have 5 rings and feud with Shaq. 20 years ago there was a young man that was a project coming out of high school and even he could not have for seen the greatness that he would accomplish.


Queen of the Town

Have you spent the last year listening to Good Lyrics and Music? For most people the answer is no and for the rest of you do not know that is what G.L.A.M stands for in the GLAM.I.Rock name. This hip-hop artist out of Oakland California (The Town) and she is just that an artist and every day you ignore her music is another lost chance to enjoy it.
GLAM's music is much more than a rhyme spit over dope beats. She has taking the pain staking time to create a thought over a dope beat and give it a soul.

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Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy

Thursday, 01 June 2017


Life Style



Trailer Park

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