NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are a much awaited event for all fans of basketball. With the King returning to the only court (The Finals) that counts with his home city awaiting to witness their rise to greatness. Then there is the MVP and the Warriors that have finally come out to play! The Finals will be the legacy of one of these two teams as the other will be lost in time.


NFL Playoffs

The NFL playoffs begin this weekend and that means a whole lot of fans doubting their team in the most positive way. The simple fact is if your team is in, you expect them to win. While you are naming all the reasons you should be happy they got in. At the end of the day only one team can raise the Vince Lombardi trophy and what team will that be? Not sure, but this is how I think the playoffs could play out.


Show Me the Money

It seems as long as I can remember there has been cheating in college sports. The real problem this so called cheating isn't PEDs, illegal videotaping of other teams practice or a team paying off a referee even if cash seems to always be involved. No, it seems that cheating is paying, giving and sometimes protecting the athlete I mean the student athlete.

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Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy

Thursday, 01 June 2017


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