Square One Botanical

Square One has some of the most unique line ups for flavored vodkas. We are talking a cucumber that is crisp and refreshing, a basil that is savory, and a botanical. Think about it botanical vodka Square One shows no fear in going forward into the world.

The Square One Botanical vodka is the one we will spend time with right now. It really is a intriguing vodka it can act like a citrus vodka, then it can act like a gin! Yes, I said a gin! This is the reason it is a perfect vodka for the transition from Winter to Spring.

The Vodka by itself is smooth and has an inviting aroma. The aroma can remind you of a gin fragrance. The first taste because of the nose also gives a gin like flavor, with a second and third taste you realize that it is infact a vodka. It has the essence of eight different botanicals pear, rose, chamomile, lemon verbena, lavender, rosemary, coriander and citrus peel. The coriander and the citrus give it the hints of gin. When you dive into the bottle you realize it is much more.

When you take a look at Botanical Square One it works well in classic style vodka cocktails. Botanical and tonic check, the lime really brings out the pear and lemon verbena. Vodka martini is a little edgy it will depend on taste, but still an option. A collins..it shines in the collins recipe, all of the flavors interact perfectly.

How about with new style craft cocktails? It feels like Square Ones whole line up was designed with that in mind. The Botanical is a grand playmate, since it works well with citrus, herbs and sweet items. It is where will your imagination take you.Square One Botanical allows you to play with honey, mint, basil, anything citrus, watermelon, lavender, carrot juice. It really is a delight to play with and experiment with.

One of the best things about Square One is the fact that it is an Organic vodka the entire line! It is a great selling point for so many people and yet again show how much Square One cares about quality.

At the end of the day the Square One Botanical is for a people who want something new, different and exciting. It will meet all expectations and in doing so will have your imagination running wild with new ideas. Square One Botanical is a solid vodka and a joy to drink.

4 out of 5


  • 1 ½ oz. Square One Botanical
  • 1 oz. Lavender simple syrup
  • 4 oz. water
  • Garnish lavender or lemon wheel

Directions squeeze the juice from one fresh lemon into a pint glass, add ice and the lavender simple syrup, next the Square One Botanical vodka, last the water. Then shake hard in a bar tin and strain over ice in a highball. Garnish with lavender or a lemon.

Lavender Syrup

Directions In a saucepan. Add a cup of water bring to a boil then add 3 tablespoons of lavender flower buds. Let the Lavender boil for about 5 minutes and then gradually add sugar till you have dissolved one cup of sugar. Simmer for 2- 3 minutes and then strain and cool in a refrigerator.

Vesper Royale

  • 1 ½ oz. Square One Botanical
  • 1 oz. Square One Vodka
  • ½ oz. Tempus Fugit- Kina L’Avion D’Or
  • Garnish orange or lemon twist

Directions pour all ingredients in a pint glass and then add ice stir for about a minute and strain into a up cocktail glass(Martini glass). Garnish with a orange or lemon twist

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