Square One

Square One cucumber vodka is one to love especially in this time of year. Not only is it crisp and refreshing; it makes a great spring gift for Mother’s Day, College grads or a good friends Bday.

Square One cucumber vodka is my personal favorite of the Square One line. It is easy to work with, drinks quite well and plays well with others and yes we are still talking about a vodka. Let’s start with easy to work with; Square One cucumber is so balanced when you crack open a bottle you can then let your imagination run wild. Want to make a spa like water? Well pick a fruit and then let the Square One take that water to happy hour. From berries to melons, peach, apple or even a cucumber water it will blend in with ease. Want a more simple approach how about a bottle of Badiot sparkling water and Square One cucumber vodka… glass, ice and go. I would even use it in a classic French 75 replacing the gin with the cucumber vodka and go to town.

Next Square One cucumber drinks quite well, blame it on the organic rye or the aroma that brings you in or blame Bill Scott for being so damn detailed oriented. Just don’t blame on the vodka for being smooth as expected and playful on the palate. A chill does this vodka some good and that is about all you need to really enjoy it!

Finally plays well with others and that is a fact. Because the cucumber is upfront and yet comes off mild you can mix it with just about anything and it enhances the flavors rather than fights with them. It will at times begs you to try it in your favorite cocktail and challenges to figure out how to use it in one that doesn’t call for vodka at all. This is the reason I believe every bar should have a cucumber vodka stocked whether or not it is Square One.

Now that all of that is taking care of we can talk about the bottle. It has a skyscraper appeal about it included with a square indentation that will grab your eye just below the label. The weight is appropriate for the bottle and it handles and grips well. Overall it is an eye catcher in a subtle stylish way.
The raw essence of the vodka is in a good place as well, the aroma is inviting the finish is short the overall experience enjoyable. The cucumber is so perfectly engaged on the palate that if you hate cucumber than pass. Square One cucumber is the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon enjoying the bright refreshing taste! Just like most flavored vodkas it falls short this time because of the seasonal placement of its taste with that said it is a solid 4 out of 5.

4 out of 5

French (cucumber) 75

1 oz. Square One cucumber vodka
½ oz. fresh lemon juice
½ honey syrup
Fill with your favorite champagne
Garnish with a lemon twist

Directions take an ounce of the Square One cucumber vodka the lemon juice and honey syrup and pour them over ice in a Boston glass. Shake hard and strain into a champagne flute add the champagne to fill the glass and finish with a lemon twist.

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