Strawberry Smash

Here is a fun way to enjoy a summer day with a spicy sweet and savory drink. You take a jalapeño a strawberry and a couple of basil leaves and let the fun begin.

This is a cocktail that can change its look and feel, with a person’s personality vodka and rum are good choices. I prefer tequila and gin depending on the person can also work in this cocktail. Why is that? Maybe it is the fact there is so much going on! Spice form the jalapeño a little sweet honey and strawberry; the basil leaves give it a savory flavor and it has is a little tart form the lime juice. See what is happening it is a list of ingredient that make this drink happen!

Strawberry Smash

2 oz. Kah Blanco Tequila
1 oz. Lime juice
1 oz. Honey syrup
1 Quartered strawberry
2 Basil leaves
1 Slice of jalapeño
Soda water or sprite depending on taste.
No garnish


Place a quartered strawberry and a slice of jalapeño in a Boston glass and bruise the items with a muddler then take the two basil leaves and give them a good smack to release the oils. Place the basil in the glass and add ice. Pour the Kah tequila, lime juice and honey syrup and shake pour out the ingredients into a Collins glass and finish with soda water or sprite.Your quoted text goes here!

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