Sweet Revenge Tour

Is this the worst possible scenario for the Denver Broncos or is it time for the sweet revenge tour at Mile High?

The AFC has four teams left and 3 of them happen to be the teams that have beaten the Denver Broncos and the other is the Denver Broncos. This is a chance for sweet revenge for Payton Manning and the Broncos they will have the opportunity to beat two of the teams that beat them this season. It might be the one thing that takes the Broncos to the Super Bowl.

Up first is the San Diego Chargers that have been revitalized by the good play of Philip Rivers that is being credited to OC Ken Whisenhunt. The Chargers were able to walk into Mile High and leave with a victory of 27 to 20. Can they expect the same success I think not, I feel that the very fact that they beat the Broncos takes away any element of surprise. The Broncos know the Chargers can walk in and walk out with a win. I think that puts the Chargers at a disadvantage, when the Broncos seek their revenge for their only home lost.

The Patriots vs The Colts will have to travel to Mile High if the Broncos can beat the Chargers. Let’s start with the Colts and Luck. The Colts Peyton’s old team that cut him loose after a neck injury and a season that left the Colts with the 1st overall pick. Normally that is where the story would end, but Luck ruined Manning homecoming. If the Colts win on the road at the Patriots and the Broncos beat the Chargers Luck and the Colts will be able to step into Peyton’s house at Mile High!

What if the Patriots win, well Brady Manning No. who knows! This is a match up happens at least once every year. The real question is whether or not the Broncos still taste the blood in their mouth from that gut check come back the Patriots managed at FoxBoro. I would love to say there is bad blood between Peyton and Brady instead it is more like a common respect. Still see the two gunslingers shoot it out in the AFC championship game would be one more great moment.

Then if Peyton and the Broncos happen to get passed the Patriots on their sweet revenge tour in the post season. There will be one more villain to pierce it ice cold stare it heavy hand stance. I am talking about the outdoor cold weather Super Bowl. This is setup better than a movie, TV show or any other kind of drama and if the Broncos win the Super Bowl with Peyton at the helm in his little brother’s house… fact will be stranger than fiction

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