Double Cross (@doublecross) Review

Double Cross vodka has raised the bar, so be on notice. Forget saying this is one of the best vodkas – this is the one…


Lazy Afternoon

How to ruin a good walk is, well by playing golf. How to make that same walk better? With a Lazy Afternoon, you will need…


Snow Day Happy Hour (@artintheage)

Art in the Age, is a collection of spirits that are versatile due to their unique style. Fully organic, and they stay true to the…


Effen Vodka

Effen vodka is one of those dirty little secrets,  an elite vodka that simply never gets the exposure of other brands like Grey Goose or…



Director-Sam Mendes Daniel Craig is the latest James Bond, and he gets to hold the distinguished title of the 50 years of Bond. The thing that…


Cinnamon Apple Infused Death’s Door White Whiskey

I have been lucky enough to work with Death’s Door this year and because of that I was able to create Vintage Grinds first infusion….


Between The Sheets

The entire month of February looks at you and says; don’t you wish you were between the sheets? It is warmer there, in the bedroom….


Knob Creek Rye Sazerac

Sazerac Is it Fat Tuesday yet? Because I want my Sazerac a local New Orleans cocktail; that is a variation of an Old Fashion. The original…


Bailey’s Cappuccino

You partied on the 12th Nola style with a Sazerac, had a birthday cake for our launch and finally went Between the Sheets. That could…


Death’s Door Gin (@deathsdoor)

It’s the New Year, and the world has survived yet another doomsday prediction. In the honor of those crazy Mayans I decided to bring in…