The Crew

The Crew is the wet dream racing game that everyone has secretly wanted. The question is will it be the best racing game every or will it be that game that you always thought was perfect and find out it is just OK.

The idea of The Crew is well remarkable you can race anywhere as long as it is in the USA and between the Atlantic and Pacific. This is one of the ideas that is welcoming the question is will it be as vast as they make it seem. Next the customizing of the car of your choice which is a big deal and one of the reasons that Gran Turismo has had a lock on racing games for so long. Now the last thing that has to be prefect the way the game plays if the play is fun and feels real. Then this game may be the best racing game in some time. If The Crew deliveries this game could become a staple in a video game line up for gamers, right now it is a wait and see.

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