The Last of Us

After Sony took E3 and was the clear winner in the first battle of the new console war. The Last of Us dropped the mic for Sony on the PS3. The game came out the Friday right after E3 ended and has taken the stage in a big way!

How good is The Last of Us? Is it a perfect game? No it won’t make every gamer fall in love with it, then again what game does? The Last of Us looks so incredible it makes you wonder if there is a true need for a next-gen console right now. The gameplay is solid and the elements of the story draw you in immediately.

So why isn’t The Last of US perfect? Let’s start with the story it is movie-like in the realm of Metal Gear Solid style which I love, but I know there are people out there that would prefer less cutscenes. Then there was the first lesson I learned I saw a zombie, I raised my gun and the aimed for the head the sweet spot. As I fired and prepared to take down the other zombie with the first and I quickly learned that one headshot is not enough! They earned my respect for giving me a WHAT moment and I do like the challenge, but damn headshots put zombies down or so I thought.

With that said The Last of Us is maybe the most impressive game in what has been “The Year of Impressive Game”. It reminds me of Resident Evil 4 and the way people were thinking wow this is what’s possible for a game to look and play like. For that reason I have to say it is the best game so far this year. From the dramatic landscapes to the smell of fear you know The Last of Us is a remarkable game!

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