The Night Before

If you tell me Seth Rogan is making a rated R comedy I will tell you, you have my attention in the case of the night before you have all of my attention. This movie about 3 men parting like it is the end of the world on Christmas Eve is an awesome idea.

Director – Jonathan Levine

If you have not seen any of the TV ads for this movie than you are in for a treat. When 3 friends decide to go out and do an annual pre-Christmas party as you might expect things get out of hand. Especially with Isaac (Seth Rogan) who wisely decides to do all the drugs. This is also the end of a tradition for Ethan (Joseph Gordon Levitt) who parents past away 14 years earlier and Isaac and Chris have made sure he would never be alone on Christmas.

November 19, 2016 – Wide
Comedy, Drama
101 minutes
Sony Pictures

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