Things to Love about Window 10

Windows 10 is a sight for sore eyes for a lot of people, Windows 8 embraced the touch screen model a little too much. Now with hindsight in their new plans Windows 10 looks to bridge the ideas of what made Windows so productive in the business world and still be a great product for the more modern touch screen users.

Thank god that Microsoft as decided to begin the fall of Internet Explorer, it’s time has come.  The fact that Chrome is the best out right now as far as web-browser go and that Internet Explorer is just about dreaded the writing was on the wall for a remodel or major upgrade. Well Internet Explorer has been tossed to a dark corner (it will still be there for compatibly of past Windows) the new talk is Project Spartan. I love the fact that Microsoft is taking the time to give us something better and naming Spartan is a great way to remind all the younger generation that Microsoft is beloved for other things they have made.

Speaking of Halo (Project Spartan) Cortana is the one thing that I am excited about, Cortana the personal assistant is the one of the shining lights on the Windows phone. Now that the Cortana App will be integrated into Windows 10 this will make it more useful and exciting.  Cortana abilities to integrate calendars, plans and reminders could even help Windows move more of their phones. I hope that the reason for calling the new internet browser is called Project Spartan, is for the fact that it will work even better with Cortana system when searching the internet for answers.

The biggest change that Windows 10 will have is a better interface for desktop users.  Windows 8 leaned a little too much to the future without the support of all of the companies and people that have used Windows since the 80s and as everyone knows no one likes to re-learn anything. Windows heard this load and clear and has brought back a lot of the old favorites so that people who have come to enjoy the interface that they have come to embrace. This is a great thing for Microsoft for 2 reasons. First people will be happy again and second now you can start to use some of the new features that came with Windows 8 at your own pace and see how great they can be. At the same time if something becomes confusing or challenging you know what needs to happen to make life better.

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