Titan Fall

Titan Fall maybe the savoir the One has been looking for. The bundle pack is only the first step to the Xbox 1 matching the PS4 quick start.

Titan Fall is proof that the software is a little more important than the hardware. Yes the Xbox 1 is awesome and yes it allows you to do things you couldn’t before and yes not enough people cared until now! I said it the real fight for the next gen gaming is on as of now.

Titan Fall an online only multi-player game is the game changer for the Xbox 1 an exclusive game on the system and much anticipated game for all the right reasons. Ended up being a game that is well deserving but not a game changer. It is a ton of fun literally running around in a Mech, but it is surprisingly gratifying being on the ground with the agility of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. This game gets so much right that the wrong seems like complaining. Then again it depends on what type of gamer you are? If you enjoy hours of online play against other gamers in a first person shooter you are in lust but not love. Mostly because of the inability to have private matches and pick what map to play on. Don’t worry too much because it is said to become a reality soon. If you are a gamer that prefers a story and not being online in multi-player you can have fun, but this game better convert you because if it doesn’t it is a rental.

Still the most exciting part about Titan Fall is the excitement the fact that the Xbox 1 is finally at the party and brought a hot date. So once all the buzz has died down it will be interesting to see what happens next. Will bundles be the way to help move the Xbox 1 without a price drop or will the price drop soon… as rumors suggest.

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