Tomb Raider

The new Tomb Raider is a remarkable game, fun, looks great and keeps your heart pumping. The action is relentless which is why I think some have said it is a COD style game. I would liken it more to a mesh of MGS,Uncharted and Resident Evil. What you say?

Let’s start with the MGS, just like in MGS when you find yourself outnumbered and outgunned it is best to use sneak and surprise. When it is time to exchange fire it will also be pretty clear… I think I see him, is now there she is. Tomb Raider has the fluidity of Uncharted every motion seems to move to the next motion seamlessly. Tomb Raider heighten fear levels reminding me of Resident Evil, when you hear a wolf howl and some other noises you want to know where that SOB is… just like the growl of a chainsaw. All three of the games I listed above have their fair share of run & gun, duck & cover and shoot to kill aspects not one is consider to be a clone of COD.

Look, Tomb Raider’s new gameplay is amazing! The graphics and breathtaking and the transition between gameplay and cutscenes are prefect. The overall experience is movie like! Tomb Raider is a great story, with great controls and don’t put your controller down play. Yes, die hards may be let down by some aspects of the game. Overall this is a must play and I think they will fall in love with Tomb Raider. At the end of the day the only change in Lara is well she hates tombs! Ironic, she will become synonymous with them!

One more thing there is a reboot movie in development with Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby as writers from Iron Man fame Tim Headington (World War Z) co-producing, with Graham King(The Departed). Denis O’Sullivan(The Departed) Production Executive. With those talents behind it let’s hope to see something special soon. As we all know everything can change in a blink of an eye!!

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