Until Dawn Review

Until Dawn is one of those games that should have gotten more attention that it did. It is a solid game that allows you to make the decision in a horror slasher style game and it also means that you are the reason that they made the dumbest decision ever!

The start of Until Dawn is the worst part of this game it moves slowly with you learning the characters relationships with each other and also some of their past issues. The character development does however pay off, still it is a slow moving game for the first couple of episodes. It still does just enough to keep your interest.

With that said everything else about the plot is fine. Yes, it is a little campy and at times the dialogue can test your patience and yet if you take the time to buy in it all is exactly what it should be. The tone of Until Dawn is perfect from the music and sound effects to the amount of scares and twists in the story that will keep you on edge and saying ok, I am excited to see more. The graphics will have you in awe since the game is essentially a cut-scene you are playing. That is a good thing! The attention to the details in the background from the way the snow looks on screen to the overall mood of the game. The look of the game is a major advantage and one of the things that I would like to see copycatted by other horror games.

Until Dawn is a story driven game but there is still enough action and exploring the world of Blackwood Pines. The exploring will give you more of a back story of the mountain and its many areas the mines, the sanatorium and the old hotel. Not to mention the workers and occupants of those areas. You can also learn more about the twins (Hannah and Beth) and their brother josh. You also begin to collect clues that will help you figure out who is terrorizing the eight teenagers. Until Dawn also is the prefect length as soon as you finish the game you think I could definitely revisit the game tomorrow for a new ending!

Another thing that is awesome about the game is the fact that there are no take backs or redos when playing the game do to the auto save system that makes the tension a little bit higher as you play the game. Most of the game is making decisions but there is still some shooting and timing play with the action scenes. The other thing that is great about the game is the Butterfly effect system that decides what happens. The Butterfly effect can decide how the characters feel about each other, what items you have and when you do something alone or with a group. The final touch in Until Dawn is a man that asks you questions to find your motivation and what scares you. This added feature is one of the many ways the game builds the tension. Your interaction with him will decide how the game pulls off scares tailoring the experience to your own taste!

Overall the game was a great experience and as soon as you finish the game you are ready to play it again which was one of the goals for the game and Supermassive (Until Dawn Developer) can check that off the list. The graphics are right where they should be and the story works as it should. The game mechanics have no issues (unless you enjoy the inverted control on targeting) and play fine as is. It draws you in to the plot and makes you feel about the characters. From the look to the fun and finally the overall thrill of this game it easily earns a 4 out of 5

Score 4 out of 5

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