Welcome to NYC pt. 2 @DaYoungFellaz

With Da YoungFellaz about to release their new album Sophisticated Arrogance about to drop they have put a video for a little tease about what is coming.

Da YoungFellaz have been grinding extra hard this year by giving fans music on top of music. Here at Vintage Grind we respect that and can’t wait to see how far this drive takes them. They dropped a mixtape. (which can be downloaded at this link http://www.djbooth.net/index/albums/review/da-youngfellaz-sophisticated-but-arrogant-the-prelude) The mixtape has music from Music Monday release plus much more. This includes Fake, New Rich City, and Fuck Rap; right now here is a view of Da YoungFellaz video Welcome to NYC pt.2 featuring Crome. Enjoy the video keep grinding and stay vintage D.Y.F..

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