Win and You are In!

I know a draw seems like a loss and to have it happen in the 95th minute is a heartbreaker. Then again it might be a learning moment for the US team and more importantly the end is not now!

Yes, the US futbol team broke the collective heart of Americans on Sunday when the one greatest players in futbol does what he does and the result is a goal that leads to a draw; well that is just the way the game is played. Still, too many fail to realize it was still a win the real let down is not having the automatic advance with the win.
If you ask Vegas books, you realize quickly that the odds are in team USAs favor 5 to 1 is the payoff rate for the US advancing; what does that mean? It means that if you bet 5 dollars and the team advances they will give you back your $5 plus $1. Yes for every 5 dollars you bet you get back 1 dollar and that means Vegas believes that team USA has an 80% chance of advancing and that is good. So how can the US advance to the elimination round?

They can beat Germany, yes this is a win and you’re in moment. That however is not the only way in…

If the US and Germany draw the other game means nothing and both teams advance (I told you a draw is like a win.) and Portugal and Ghana go home.

If Portugal and Ghana end in a draw the outcome of the US and Germany game is a mood point as both the US and Germany advance.

Now the tricky part if the US losses to Germany they still have a chance but it comes down to goals.

The USA as a goal advantage over Ghana by 1 goal and over Portugal by 4. This is the confusing part best way to think about it is a continuous game where you add up all the goals to see who won.

So if Ghana wins over Portugal and the US losses to Germany; Ghana would need the US to lose by 2 or more goals or Ghana would need to win by 2 goals or more goals for Ghana to Advance.

If the US lost by 1 goal and Ghana won by 1 goal the US would Advance

Portugal would need the US to lose and there would need to be a combination of goals that add up to 4. In order for Portugal to leap frog the US into the elimination round. For instance is the US lost 0-2 and Portugal won 3-1 the US would go home.

This maybe more confusing than the last two weeks of the NFL where scenarios sound like if team A wins and B&D lose than team C goes to the playoffs. One thing remains for team USA win and you are IN! That is there goal and with that being the main thought you can believe in USA!

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