Winter Soldier

You have to ask how it is that Captain America: Winter Soldier didn’t know it was a summer blockbuster. Maybe it was because the First Avenger was successful but not as imagined?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier basically told all other April releases on your left! As it ruled most of April 3 out of 4 weekends in 1st place and then the last one in 2nd; bringing in an estimated 645 million worldwide. The squeal to The First Avenger really brought Steve Rodgers (Chris Evans) into the 21st century with him being fully involved with S.H.I.E.L.D. to the banter between him and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) about his lack of a dating life.

That is the first point in The Winter Soldier all of the charters seemed to have a role just as important as Captain America. Getting the back story of Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and some of the story behind Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) to the re-emergence of Hydra. It all seems like one great story seen through the eyes of Captain America instead of a movie centered on Capitan America and it works! The story and the A/C is fully operational. Ok if you saw the movie you would understand.

Captain America is more aggressive and confident after the events in New York City. He is also well liked as he always was, but he attacks more like Black Widow with a conscious. Swift, aggressive and with more power, yet he will still let you walk away if you choose to. He still is a little green about how the spy thing works and quite frankly doesn’t like it. As he tells Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) trust no one, is the basic theme at S.H.I.E.L.D.

The plot of the movie moves seamlessly for one scene to the next and the action stays in the forefront of the movie. With its hostage situation, car chases, spy on spy hide and seek or just a good old fashion elevator fight yup that’s right. Rodgers could learn a little bit form Jack Reacher and remind people “you asked for this.” The Avengers production team’s thumbprint is all over this movie, it is a great thing. The best part is the recap almost the entire Captain America: The First Avengers movie like you never saw the movie and it is still entertaining!

At the end of the film you’re only left with one question, when is the Black Widow movie coming out (rumored to be 2016 Marvel project). Black Widow steals the show every scene she is in and ok that is her fault! Even with the introduction of Sam “Falcon” Wilson flying around, and the return form the dead of Nick Fury. All you want to know is how the Black Widow will get out of this situation. With that said Captain America: The Winter Soldier is an excellent movie and worth seeing before it gets booted by the rest of the summer line up. So if The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is sold out or Godzilla for that matter, take time to watch Cap beat up on his friends or so he thought.

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