Wisconsin Cocktail

On a Snowy day in March why not have the Bartender whip up some Wisconsin cocktails for you and your girls.

What is a Wisconsin you ask, well it is a gin answer to a Cosmo. If you are a gin lover this pink cocktail may make your spring and summer a great one. St. Germain plays a partnership in this new cocktail adding a sweetness to the cocktail. Finish with a touch of fresh lime and cranberry juice and you are ready to rock. O then there is why the name Wisconsin, well Death’s Door gin is from Wisconsin and the favorite gin to make this cocktail so in honor of those fine ladies and gents at Death’s Door we give you the Wisconsin.


1 ¼ oz. Death’s Door gin
1oz. St. Germain
½ oz. Cranberry Juice
¼ oz. Lime Juice
Garnish with a lime twist


In a Boston glass filled with ice add the Death’s Door gin, the St. Germain, fresh lime juice shake in a tin and then strain out it in a cocktail glass. Finish with a lime twist after squezing the lime zest into the cocktail.

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