Blade Runner 2049

If you have not seen Blade Runner, you may not be as alone as you think. I only recently watched it and I have to say I was impressed and with Blade Runner 2049 coming out in the fall I am now excited.

Director – Denis Villeneuve

Blade Runner 2049 has Rick (Ford) and Officer K (Gosling) intertwined, in what looks like a return to the original Blade Runner, hopefully not to deep. This is a squeal that has the rare issue that some people may have elevated levels of interest, by watching the trailer you will understand. I want this to be a squeal that can stand alone because of the length of time between movies at the same time I hope that Blade Runner 2049 can bring new fans to Blade Runner. Either way watching Blade Runner before Blade Runner 2049 can’t hurt in the excitement for Villeneuve Blade Runner 2049.

October 6, 2017 – Wide
Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci Fi
Warren Bros.

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