How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Director-Donald Petrie

10 years ago there was a movie that had a girl and a boy who fell in love while the Knicks were playing in the NBA finals. Clearly a fantasy world at the time.

Andie Anderson(Hudson) is a “How to…” writer for composure magazine and even though she would rather tell us about the horrors of the real world she is stuck. When her friend for the millionth time is trying to figure out how she lost a guy again and can’t figure why? The friend admits to crying during sex. Andie decide to write a how to piece on how to lose a guy in 10 days. Rather than having some stranger poke around in her friend’s life.

Meanwhile an advertising executive Ben Barry (McConaughey) wants to land a diamond account. His boss thinks that a female team is more suited to sell the firm to the client. When he interrupts their cocktail hour discussion. A bet arises that Ben can not make a girl fall for him in 10 days. The four of them select Andie Anderson who is at the bar to make a guy completely hate her in the same time frame.

Now the game has begun, but as all well laid plans there is a problem. The two of them do fall in love. Over Knicks games and Celine Dion, O what evil games are played. Even tho the plot is similar to almost every other romantic comedy. It still stands out with clever writing and a great cast. Between a dog named Krull the Warrior King and Ben finally bringing a girl home to meet the parents everything falls in place as it should. A great movie to watch over and over.

116 Minutes
Comedy, Romance

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