Director-Sam Mendes

Daniel Craig is the latest James Bond, and he gets to hold the distinguished title of the 50 years of Bond. The thing that made the latest Bond’s movies so memorable is that it was a reboot of sorts. We saw this Bond gain his double O status, he fell in love, got revenge. Now there is this Skyfall.

Skyfall starts out with a Bond(Craig) chasing down a man, nothing new here. The level of the chase escalates and eventually Bond is shot! By who? Fellow agent Eve(Harris) as he falls to his apparent death, someone gets away with a hard drive.

M(Dench) is worried about the hard drive. When someone uses the info to get access to MI-6 mainframe, things change a explosion completes the task. When Bond see this, he returns to London where he is a little less than the Bond of old. Bond is still confident and charming but his injuries and age have caught up to him.

loving the new age not completely indestructible Bond is a tricky thing. You either do or you not, it is refreshing that the franchise as a grit and grind not seen before. When all is said and done it is still a Bond movie and well worth the time.

143 minutes

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